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4. Respect and Social Inclusion

25% of older adults in Carlow have experienced negative attitudes or behaviour towards them as an older person compared to an average of 13% in other counties. When the source of the ageism was explored over 100 participants did not respond to the source of the negativity.
However, those who did respond identified young people as the highest source of negativity at 30%, followed by their community at 26% and Health Professionals at 20%.

Issues raised by older adults

“Communities are not as age friendly, younger peoples respect for older adults is lacking on the streets and on transport”.

“Younger people need to visit older neighbours and volunteer with older people. Communities need to reach out to older people”

“Bob-A-Job needs to come back and have young people involved more with older people”

“Young adults need to understand it is not suitable for them to walk 6-7 abreast on the pavement, pushing and shoving each other”.

Short Term Actions ( 2017 )

Carlow Volunteer Centre works to serve all under-represented groups including older adults. We do this by being an active participant on the Carlow Age Friendly Committee and Carlow’s Social Inclusion Forum. We support Carlow Older Persons Forum in the recruitment of volunteers. In 2016, CVC were engaged in 15 outreaches across Co. Carlow as a means of engaging with older adults in particular in rural locations, with limited access to transport.

Kilkenny Carlow Education & Training Board will continue to work collaboratively with the members of the Social Inclusion Measures Forum to provide support to target groups such as older people and to work constructively on appropriateidentified projects.

Health Promotion within the Health Service Executive will continue to offer training to those working with marginalised groups e.g. support Traveller training to promote health with other Travellers through Primary Healthcare Workers in their community and ‘Engage’ training in Men’s health which builds capacity for health professionals and community workers to work with men in relation to health and social issues and a 10 day Foundation Programme in Sexual Health Promotion, for those who have an opportunity to promote sexual health and influence development of sexual health policies in their workplace.

Carlow County Development Partnership will continue its Care and Repair weekly ‘check in’ call. They will also continue to support the Older Persons Forum to continue their awareness raising and advocacy work.

The Arts Officer of Carlow County Council will create opportunities for intergenerational activities, such as long term programme initiatives, with older
marginalised older people working with library services as a key point of access for artists and communities. They will also work across various sections of the local authority to maximise opportunity for the arts in Carlow.

The Health Service Executive through Service Providers Forum and Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland will encourage and support the establishment of various group support meetings for individuals in both the early stages and late stages of dementia with an opportunity to meet others, exchange information and support in group discussions and social activities

The Health Service Executive will invite the Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland Area Coordinator to join the Service Provider’s Forum to ensure that the voices of those living with dementia in Carlow are included.

The Health Service Executive will work with other Age Friendly Committee members to promote the welfare and safeguarding of vulnerable older persons at
risk in line with the Health Service Executive Safeguarding Vulnerable Persons at Risk of Abuse National Policy Dec ’14 The Health Service Executive will work
with An Garda Síochána and other key stakeholders to ensure that appropriate information and education is available. The Gardai will liaise with Public Health Nurses to ensure vulnerable older adults are included in any crime prevention or other initiatives which would impact on their wellbeing and safety, identifying those at risk of abuse or neglect.

The Community Section of Carlow County Council will support the Carlow Age Friendly committee and sub-committees in it’s County strategy and Carlow Town Strategy implementation

County Carlow Local Sports Partnership will work with local fitness centres and providers to collate a directory of physical activity opportunities for older adults. They will also arrange training opportunities for people in the fitness industry to aid sustainability and increase capacity in physical activity for older adults.

County Carlow Local Sports Partnership will explore the possibility of developing a community coaching programme aimed at older adults and will develop links with IT Carlow to incorporate the older adult population into the practical sessions completed by the relevant course groups.

Carlow County Library Service will promote access for older people and increase the number of older people using the service. They will update stock collection regularly with relevant stock such as audio books, large print and other resources. They will also provide spaces for Age Friendly events and activities to welcome older people and introduce them to library services where possible.

Carlow County Library Service will provide Age Friendly Services in all branches and promote the library as a safe, accessible and welcoming environment for older people whilst engaging with the local communities and groups to help prevent social isolation in service areas and throughout the county.

 Consult with older people when considering existing and new library services.
 Continue the Library Link service in partnership with County Carlow Development Partnership
 Develop the Outreach Library service to include five locations per branch around the county.
 Contact all nursing homes regarding block loan facility for care givers and provide same as requested.

Staff will be made aware of the needs of older people and services they require from the library space.

An Garda Síochána will continue to work with older victims of crime to minimise effects of events including providing information about Victim Assistance and other local services. An Garda Síochána also plan to provide updates on progress of investigations and inform victims through timely communications. They will also work with the Older Persons Forum to establish a Crime Prevention Ambassadors programme with a group of 10-15 older ambassadors.

Corporate Services section of the Local Authority will listen to and meet the representatives of the age friendly movement and the Carlow Older Persons Forum. They will also provide the opportunity for representatives of the Age Friendly Committee and the Carlow Older Persons Forum to address the Joint Policing Committee and Municipal Districts on relevant topics.

Short-Term Actions ( 2017 )

Medium Term Actions ( 2017 )

Medium Term Actions ( 2017 )

Carlow Older Persons Forum will collaborate and work with local businesses to promote awareness of the importance of having an age friendly business and encourage all local businesses to become more age friendly through the Carlow Older Persons Forum age friendly business programme.

Carlow County Development Partnership will outreach in the community in partnership with other agencies and promote intergenerational and intercultural projects.

The Health Service Executive’s Mental Health and Wellbeing nurse for Travellers will promote positive mental health and well being, and better access to health service provision for Travellers over 55, who need additional supports for their mental health in association with the Carlow Traveller Community Health Project and the Traveller Men’s Health Project, based in St. Catherine’s Community Services Centre.

The Health Service Executive will deliver a Traveller Specific Chronic Conditions Programme to the Carlow Traveller Community Health Project and Traveller Men’s Health Worker which include the ‘Ticker’ Heart Health training, and Traveller specific training on each of the following: Asthma; diabetes (Type 2) National Screening Programme; Substance Misuse and Mental Health to promote better health and wellbeing among Travellers over 55 in Carlow.

The Health Service Executive will support care services to access training for care staff and develop an LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender / Transsexual and Intersex) friendly care environment as recommended in the Rainbow Report – LGBTI Health needs and experiences and Health Sector responses and Practices in the Health Service Executive South East region published by the Child & Family Agency 2015 Dublin, Niall Crowley.

The Health Service Executive will support the roll out of Intercultural Awareness training in Health & Social Care Settings for staff working with older persons care settings.

Kilkenny & Carlow Contact Befriending Service are committed to working with Age Friendly committee members in Carlow to further develop an integrated approach to identifying and engaging with socially isolated older people in the community, especially those older people living alone.

VISUAL will continue to provide accessible age-friendly cultural activities and will consult with older people to devise new and inclusive activities and explore intergenerational projects. VISUAL will also carry out an audit on the building and facilities to ensure they are fully accessible and age friendly.

Long Term Actions ( 2017 )

The Carlow Older Persons Forum will continue to lobby for inclusion of older people in all services, intergenerational awareness and understanding and
the establishment of concrete strategy to reach older persons suffering exclusion and isolation.

The Arts Office and the Arts Action Groups will be developed in key identified sites that will co-curate and co-commission work that directly investigates local issues whilst providing a platform for commissioning high quality artistic participation. This model will support and build artistic ambassadors in Carlow and have a sustainable legacy for future shared collaborations. A series of artists commissions and interventions will take place over an 18 month period by experienced local, national and international socially engaged artists. An interagency approach will be undertaken in an area on the fringes of Urban Carlow Town which is a low socio economic area. An intergenerational approach will be taken to this programme.

Kilkenny & Carlow Contact Befriending Service will continue to build relationships over the duration of the strategy in the community, target older adults who live alone and provide information to rural communities, isolated farmers and their partners via Irish Farm Families & Social Affairs Committee of IFA.

Carlow County Development Partnership will work with other agencies to ensure that older people are included and valued through outreach countywide, provide support to the Older Persons Forum and advocacy.

The Environment Department of the Local Authority will endeavour to engage with older adults when considering plans that require public consultation over the lifetime of this strategy.

Long Term Actions ( 2017 )