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7. Civic Partnership

Carlow has high levels of older volunteering with 30% volunteering weekly and 37% volunteering monthly v 28% nationally. 38% of respondents said they were happy with the level of volunteering they did while over 46% said they did not know. A further 12% said they would like to increase their
volunteering with 4% wishing to decrease their level of volunteering.

64% of those surveyed said they were retired and 40% said they had retired earlier than expected.  In the last 12 months 45% of respondents had contacted their local or national politician and a further 31% said they offered their option in an official capacity as an older person. However the
response to this question was low with only 36% of respondents completing the question about political and civic activities.

Issues raised by older adults

“Older adults should be able to work if that is their choice, some people don’t want to retire”.
“Older people need to get more involved in workshops and consultations (like this)”
“Older people should use their voice more and object to planning and issues that affect them”

Short Term Actions ( 2017 )

Carlow Older Persons Forum will continue to work to promote the various programmes available to all older people in Carlow. Particularly, Carlow Older Persons Forum will work with service providers to provide information about opportunities available to the older person after retirement including volunteering with CVC.

Corporate Service of the Local Authority will provide pre-retirement planning to all interested staff who are interested in retirement planning.

Carlow Volunteer Centre will continue to promote older adult’s civic participation through volunteering by ensuring that their service is accessible to older adults. Carlow Volunteer Centre through their active participation and membership of Carlow Age Friendly Committee will also remain informed of potential opportunities for them to promote and support the civic participation of older adults. Carlow Volunteer Centre will continue its support of the Carlow Older Persons Forum in the referral of volunteers and in the capacity building of the Carlow Older Persons Forum
to develop and maintain an effective volunteer management programme.

Kilkenny and Carlow Education and Training Board will actively support older adults who are unemployed, looking to change career path or return to the workforce in gaining the information they will need to assist them to identify their up skilling and training needs to reach this goal.

Carlow County Library Service will provide an informal environment for those who wish to learn new skills. Programme development will include events around national initiatives such as Bealtaine that encourage older people to access computers, learn computer skills and encourage lifelong learning. The action plan includes:-
 Host and deliver ICS Skills Benefit4 beginner computer classes.
 Library Tours provided by staff re resources available both print and online.  Tours of Local Studies section will also be provided.
 The Work Matters library collection pilot project will be extended to all branches providing business and employment support in partnership with
Carlow Local Enterprise Office.
 Comprehensive annual Bealtaine programme will be delivered collaboratively with a range of organisations providing a range of activities across the library network.
 Movie clubs, book clubs and weekly Irish circles will be programmed.

The above actions will continue to be delivered throughout the duration of the strategy.

Carlow County Development Partnership through its SICAP ( Social Inclusion and Community Activation) programme will continue to support community groups, e.g. Carlow Men’s Shed, to develop social enterprises such as community benches.  Carlow County Development Partnership will continue to support Carlow Older Peoples Forum to advocate on their own behalf.

The Local Enterprise Office provides a variety of economic development and business support services with a variety of user groups. Support decisions and supports are provided on the basis of commercial evaluation of a project. All services are available for older persons and the LEO Offices will continue to support self-employment options for older people.

The Environment Department of the Local Authority will engage with older adults to offer advice and support in terms of waste minimisation and cost effective measures to dispose of domestic waste. Advice will also be given in relation to recycling.

Short-Term Actions ( 2017 )

Medium Term Actions ( 2017 )

Medium Term Actions ( 2017 )

Carlow Older Persons Forum will continue to work with service providers to promote lifelong opportunities, civic participation opportunities, education opportunities, and employment opportunities for the older people in Carlow. Carlow Older Persons Forum is committed to promoting equal opportunities in the workplace for ageing employees and will work with local businesses to support older employees.

Through a partnership approach Carlow County Development Partnership will promote civic engagement and voter participation e.g. Advocacy programme with
Carlow College. Carlow County Development Partnership will highlight the benefits of older workers to business and industry through the Age Friendly Business
group. This will be delivered with the Older Persons Forum.

Long Term Actions ( 2017 )

The Older Persons Forum aims to explore through research the number of older people involved in education or work and who are engaged in their communities
through civic participation with the support of Country Carlow Development Partnership.

Long Term Actions ( 2017 )